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Dental prices in Turkey

This prices are not our clinic prices.
Dental prices in Turkey
Dental treatment prices Price, € Price, $
Professional tooth cleaning 45 65   
Single-root canal treatment 40 60
Two-root canal treatment 60 85
Three-root canal treatment 80 115
Retreatment of a root canal of a one-root tooth 60 85
Retreatment of root canals of a two-root tooth 90 130
Retreatment of root canals of a three-root tooth 120 170   
Restoration of 1-2 surfaces of 5 with photopolymer 50 87
Restoration of 3-4 surfaces of 5 with photopolymer 60 85
Restoration of tooth crown with photopolymer and fiber-glass pin 80 115   
Adhesive bridge. Restoration of completely lost tooth within 1 visit!
Without damage for the next teeth! 200 285   
Aesthetic author’s restoration 60 85
Veneers from 220 from 315
Aesthetic pressed ceramics from 220 from 315
Aesthetic aluminum oxide ceramics from 220 from 315
Aesthetic zirconium oxide ceramics from 330 from 440
Teeth whitening from 50 from 80
Tooth decoration (skyce) 20 25   
Metal ceramic crown 65 95
Metal ceramic crown on implant 130 150
Denture with clasp 280 400
Acetal nylon denture 245 350
Plastic denture 120 175
Articular tire against bruxism 130 190   
Metal braces 570 815
Ceramic braces 745 1065
Sapphire braces 920 1315
Metal braces DAMON 1100 1565
Braces Gold Series 1225 1750
Ceramic braces DAMON 1580 2250
Lingual braces 2100 2670
Treatment with braces from 175 from 250
Removal of braces 25 40
Treatment with Trainer 130 190   
Tooth extraction from 20 from 30
Atypical extraction from 80 from 120
Resection of root apex 140 200
One-stage implantation 530 760
Implantation (1st stage) 315 450
Implantation (2nd stage) 225 320
Sinus lift operation 500 700 
First, see your dentist, periodontal surgeon, or oral surgeon for a consultation. It takes a surgeon (periodontist or oral surgeon) to place the implants and a restorative dentist (general dentist or prosthodontist) to make the restorations for the implants. Usually, the surgeon takes X-rays and will consult your restorative dentist about where implants can be placed, their sizes, and how many are needed. They will advise you about your particular case, sequence and fees.
If tooth extractions are needed, these areas will usually require some months of healing before implants can be placed. Sometimes implants can be placed at the time of extraction. Once implants are placed, three to six months of healing are needed for osseointegration. When the surgeon determines that the implants are ready to restore, “abutments” are attached to the implants. Abutments serve to connect the implants in the bone to the restoration in the mouth. Then the restoring dentist fabricates and attaches the restoration to the implants. Depending on the situation, the whole process can take from three months to over a year. In most cases, the dentist provides a temporary restoration for this period.

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