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Dental Implants and Zirconium Crown

Estetik Diş ve Zirkonyum diş kaplama

Complete the form below. Get information about dental implants and prices. Information is obtained with zirconium tooth coating, tooth whitening, lamina tooth coating and all other tooth treatments. You can ask us questions (how, where, where, how much). We will return to you as soon as possible. Dentist Sertaç KIZILKAYA

Some appreciation letters that came from our patients.

Some of my teeth were short and curved. Thanks to the doctor Sertaç Kızılkaya, I can now smile comfortably. Thank you.

Sertac is a dentist I have been going to for many years. He is a reliable physician. He is an experienced person in tooth implants and aesthetics. Glad to know that. I went to the dentist so much, I found the best. Clean clinic, doing quality treatments. I found a complete solution to the tooth problem. I would definitely recommend a reliable address for implant. Comment Source Link

I’m a dentist too. I am a physician who does not practice his profession. As would be expected, if there are people I know around the world, they all want me to “to whom I go”. Sertaç, I would recommend all friends with peace of mind. All my outgoing friends always thank me. Comment Source Link

An expert dentist who loves to do business without a doubt. Comment Source Link

I salute my beloved brother who has made his profession with dedication and honor with love and respect Comment Source Link

I wish I had done my dental treatment before. With my teeth now I can eat comfortably. I am smiling now freely. I entrusted me to the Turkish physicians, our leader, Atatürk.

We went with my friend’s advice. We had Teyzemin implant treatment. Later we had a tailor made aesthetic teeth. The doctor trusts his patients. He’s a quality dentist. He’s very interested in patients. Very clean working environment. we were very satisfied. I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you, dentist Sertac. Comment Source Link

After a long search for esthetic dental problems, I started dental treatment with Sertac. He has an excellent approach that tells the procedure to be done and alternative treatment methods and tells his own recommendation. During the treatment, I was taken at the appointment time and the construction of the works was never stopped. The result was excellent. A very relevant and knowledgeable physician. The clinic is sparkling and very hygienic. I know the debt to the profession of the profession that loves and deliberately works. Comment Source Link

My preference for zirconium tooth coating was Dr Sertac. I was very pleased. They are excellent people. At the same time, we completed the treatment without any problems. Thank you so much. Good work. Comment Source Link

I am grateful to Sertaç KIZILKAYA, the doctor who restored my teeth with all his effort with the right healing method, before telling me his teeth again for years, telling me his teeth which are necessary to be rebuilt –Comment Source Link

I congratulate you for always being a follower of innovations since the day you first started your career. My zirconium tooth coatings are really a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Compatible with gums. Thank you.

He’s a good doctor. Service quality and customer satisfaction are high. Thank you. Comment Source Link

There is the notion of being a good doctor, so Sertac is exactly that concept. Smiling, sincerity, most importantly hygiene, very good. Price that does not scare and a competent dentist. All together. My mom and I wanted to express our pleasure. Comment Source Link

The cleanest clinic. He is a successful physician with his professional expertise and careful work.  Comment Source Link

We met Sertac Bey about 3 years ago. While we were searching for an unknown dental technique who could do it, we found him as one of two people in Istanbul. Glass Fiber Tooth Bridge: Those who do not want to be implanted (less afraid) can choose. Economically more convenient. We made this female. It’s been 3 years since we used it. It’s okay until I bite a bone piece hard. This naturally caused damage to the tooth. To get it repaired. Though he spent at least one hour of time and a lot of sweat, he did not get a penny. Even Apple does not cover a lot of mobile phones because of the mistake of using it. Sertac Bey stood behind his teeth despite the use failure. Thank you. Comment Source Link

An expert I see as reliable in the healthcare industry. He convinced me that it would be the best for my image and health. Everything has a structure that gives confidence to quiet people aside. Sertac Bey is the right address if you want to entrust your genuine human teeth instead of the shopkeepers.Comment Source Link

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