Diş Estetiği, İmplant, Zirkonyum Diş Kaplama Fiyatları İstanbul Türkiye

Aesthetic Dental Treatments and Implant Teeth

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Diş Estetiği

Dental Aesthetics

In the summer of 2007, a woman who lived abroad saw a case I had previously done. I came by saying I want to have these teeth made.

Zirkonyum Diş

Zirconium Tooth

In addition to aesthetic appearance, long-lasting and healthy tooth coating is desired, especially in the anterior teeth of the zirconium tooth is preferred.

Lamina Diş Kaplama

Lamina Tooth Coating

An aesthetic tooth surface coating, also called laminate veneer or laminated tooth. Application success and excellent aesthetics make it a very popular treatment method.

İmplant Diş

Implant Tooth

Implants, the current treatment method for missing cavities, come up with the most prices. However, healthy implant application is more important than implant prices.

Diş Beyazlatma

Teeth whitening

There are two kinds of bleaching. Teeth whitening done at home and in dental clinic. The most valid method is teeth whitening, both of which are performed together.

Türkiye'de Diş

Dentistry in Turkey

Not only Turkish citizens, by many people from different countries of the world for dental treatment in recent years, first in Turkey are preferred.

Patient Letters

sent thank you posts.

  • An expert dentist who does his job indisputably. Good to know…

  • I'm a dentist, but I'm a non-practitioner. As you can imagine, if there are any people I know around me, they all ask me for “who should I go to”. Sertaç is one of the few doctors I have recommended to all my friends and I have never received a return from any of them.

  • Mr. Sertaç is a reliable and experienced person in the field. Good thing I did. Especially implant and zirconium dental coating on top. I went to that many dentists, and I finally made up my mind. Sweat clean clinic, respect for work, meticulous workmanship with quality for many years I finally found the solution to my dental problem. I would definitely recommend to those looking for a reliable address for the implant.

  • Some of my teeth were short and curved. Thanks to the latest advances in dentistry, I can now smile comfortably.

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