Dental Implant

dental implant

How to make implant?

Before giving information about complex implant tooth prices for the implanted implant under treatment methods, information is provided on the treatment method and details. The practice occurs when someone has a tooth loss. This application for a single tooth, the application of the whole palate is also the subject. For this, the palate structure of the person – the bone structure is sufficient. At the end of the examinations made by your doctor, it will be understood that the treatment can not be applied directly.


After the diagnosis is made, your dentist will take the measurements of the palate at the end of your palate. The teeth are made according to these measurements. Teeth are made with special materials used and natural and functional teeth are created. It is ensured that the teeth are placed in these pits directly through the openings to the bones of the bible.

The best dental clinic in Istanbul should be preferred, as the clinical conditions are sufficient for good treatment. In an environment where hygiene and other criteria are provided, it will be possible to achieve long-term healthy care.

Implant Process

One of the most curious is whether this process is painful or not. For this, the palate structure of the person will also be effective. It is estimated that the healing process will take place in a much shorter period thanks to Küçükçekmece İstanbul

The best shape of the palate and placement of the teeth will also shorten the healing process.

The screws inserted in the first stage are removed after the healing process. At this point, the teeth must be welded directly to the palate. You can use your teeth in a healthy way if the dental care is done smoothly and the health of the palate is in place.

Implant prices will be determined by your doctor according to the treatment to be performed on your teeth. It is important that the best treatment is realized and the fees are offered at the most favorable prices. You will be able to make your decisions by doing your reviews.



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