How is zirconium teeth made? Model preparation

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One of the advancing dentistry applications is zirconium dental veneers prepared by computer aided manufacturing. Due to its many positive properties, I will explain the application steps in zirconium dental coating which is the most preferred dental coating material.


After treatment or prosthesis planning is done in the mouth, the application phase is started. Thanks to quality materials and good planning, successful dental treatments are possible. First, dental stones are cleaned in the mouth. Process should be started by providing gum health. Dental caries and root canals are also treated. After the preparations made by the dentist in the mouth, the teeth and gums are measured.


Technician prepares plaster model according to this measure taken orally. After this stage, computer support is activated. The model is scanned with the help of a 3-D scanner and transferred to a digital system. The design of the infrastructure material to be made on the tooth model is completed with the suggestions of the computer program and the design of the technician. As necessary thicknesses and cement shares are given by computer support, tooth coatings can be produced without any problems. The prepared design is transmitted to the scraping device as data. The engraving device is actually a robot that executes commands.

In accordance with the coordinates transmitted to the scraping device by means of tens of thousands of codes, the scraping process starts from zirconium blocks. With the device defined as three or five axes, the coating infrastructure is obtained by scraping from the block. When this engraved zirconium enters a high-temperature furnace called sintering process, it increases its hardness and gains high strength. Porcelain is applied on zirconium material to give color and brightness. The porcelain layer must also be hardened by firing.

By making etching on the zirconium block, the tooth coating infrastructure is formed. When zircon block scraping process is completed, it is taken to the hardening stage called sintering. The sintered zirconia infrastructure under high temperature will reach the equivalent hardness degree with metal at the end of the process.


Zirconium dental veneers, where the bright and desired color is obtained on the surface, have other physical and biological properties as well as those which should carry a dental veneer. One of the major advantages is that they are particularly biocompatible. In my clinic, I use zirconium dental coating which is a high quality dental coating. It provides great advantages both for my patients and for my clinical practice. In this sense, I would recommend zirconium dental coatings for my dear patients and my dear colleagues. Although their prices are higher than other porcelain tooth coatings, zirconium tooth coatings always give smiling results.

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