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In the Frequently Asked Questions section, I tried to give short answers to your questions. I hope you will benefit from it. In the department I gave information about implant aesthetic dentistry, dental treatments.

What causes the bad breath? How to avoid?

Foul breath is easily noticed because of the distinctive taste (metallic, sour)that can be felt in the mouth. There are real reasons and also legends about the potential causes of bad breath.
The real cause of bad breath is bacteria on the tongue. These bacteria produce volatiles. In contrast, certain foods (eg garlic, onions) are not among the real causes of bad breath.

Chronic foul breath is a serious problem. In addition to being uncomfortable within the communication between people, it can also be a sign of a serious oral hygiene problem. If you find that you can not prevent bad breath despite your regular oral hygiene practices, talk to your dentist; who will advise you a proper treatment.

By having your everyday hygiene routine, we can effectively combat bad breath. Here are some basic suggestions to help you avoid unpleasant breath.

1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, always in the morning and before bed at night, for at least two minutes. Do not forget to clear your tongue. Ask your dentist for advice on proper toothbrushing and tongue cleaning. Your dentist will recommend the appropriate electric toothbrush model for your personal needs.
2.Use toothpastes that contain antibacterial compounds (eg stannous) that helps to prevent bad breath.
3. Use floss to remove bacteria plaque and debris from teeth that are hard to reach.
4. Go to your dentist regularly to check. Only your dentist can apply the professional dental cleaning procedure, which will be difficult for you to do on your own.

What can be done if my teeth are too short?

If you are going to do restorations such as a cron bridge, you can make a chronological extension to get a more aesthetic look and to increase the surface area that these restorations will hold.

It should be well interpreted whether these procedures are appropriate indications by your physician.

What is the price of orthodontics with transparent plate?

One of the methods used in tooth curvature in recent years is orthodontic treatment with transparent plate. The total cost of this application, which is realized by computer aided planning and application, is approximately the same as the treatment price applied with dental braces.

The time required for treatment is minimal when considering the materials used and the clinical costs. Turkey has the lowest price wire orthodontic treatment should be applied in Turkey, both countries where it is implemented with the best price correction curve of dental plaque with a transparent process.

My wisdom teeth are constantly swelling, what should I do?

One of the most common procedures performed in our clinic is the wisdom teeth surgery. It is necessary to make an appointment as a check-up for these treatments. During the medical examination you will be informed about the procedure. After these operations, the patients can usually return to their homes as discharge within the same day.

I have no teeth and my prosthesis does not stand in my mouth. What can I do?

Implants can be thought of as artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone. Thanks to these applications made in our faculty, prostheses can be connected to implants in different ways and prostheses can be removed at fixed places and you can chew them easily.

Is nutrition an important factor in the formation of caries?

The amount of sugar consumed during the day, the frequency of consumption of sugary foods and beverages, the type of carbohydrates in the nutrient, the stickiness of consumed nutrients, and the duration of spit cleaning through the mouth are considered as important factors in the formation of dental caries.

What is root canal operation? Is the lifetime of the tooth shortened because of endodontic treatment?

Endodontics is the dentistry brach in which the dental pulp (dental nerve-vessel package) and teeth surrounding the root of the dentistry is interested in the treatment of diseases.

Endodontic treatment is the removal of the root ducts of the inflamed or dead tooth pulp (nerve), which causes pain, abscess and cyst formation in the teeth, and the filling of this cavity with a substance that is not harmful to health.

If a correct and healthy canal treatment is performed and the patient is careful about oral care, then the oral period of the tooth is no different from a normal tooth.

The success rate of endodontic treatment increases with advances in technology. The success rate of a canal treatment in accordance with the rules is as high as 90-95%.

If the root treatment is unsuccessful, the channel treatment may be repaired or, if necessary, surgical intervention may be performed on the root of the tooth. Dental treatment should be considered when the canal treatment is reversible and the surgical procedure is not successful.

What is the implant? Who can have it? What are the benefits?

Artificial tooth roots made of screw-like titanium placed on the jawbone to ensure the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth.
Ideal for implant applications are those with good general health and adequate amount of bone in the jawbone. Your expert dentist who is trained in implantology can easily decide whether or not your implant can be applied.
An implant can be made in one tooth defect, more than one tooth defect, and complete toothlessness.
They allow the teeth to be fixed without damage to the adjacent teeth. They provide a comfortable smile and aesthetic. Desired food can be eaten. They can be used more comfortably and confidently than moving and painful dentures.

Are the implants success guaranteed?

Scientific studies have shown that implant success rates vary between 96% and 98%. Rarely, after placement of the implants, there may be no fusion to the bone and a new implant may be applied in place of the removed implant.

How long does it take to complete the operation and prosthesis?

Depending on the number of implants for which the surgeon will be placed and the conditions of the patient, an average of 15-20 minutes for single implant applications; For multiple implant applications, 1-1.5 hours are required. After the implant operation, implant and bone fusion is expected for 2-5 months.

Will I have a discomfort during and after the operation?

The operation can be done without any pain and discomfort with local anesthesia. There may be slight pain or rarely swelling that can be heard after any tooth extraction after operation. This can be relieved by painkillers.

Is implant treatment expensive? What’s the price?

Implant applications require a series of complex and lengthy procedures. Implants, connectors and superstructure components are expensive pieces. Therefore, implant applications require a higher expenditure than routine dental services.
You can find out the prices of the treatment options that are suitable for you with free dental examinations in our clinic. 400-600 Euro

I have no teeth. I can not use my dental prosthesis comfortably?

Implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the jawbone. Thanks to the implant, your prosthesis can be connected to the implants in different ways and prostheses can be removed. You can eat food comfortably.


What is the implant?

They are applied to ensure the function and aesthetics of missing teeth. The screws placed on the jawbone are artificial tooth roots. They are made of titanium.
For implant applications, those with good general health and those with enough bone in the jawbone are eligible.
Expert dentists trained in implantology make doctors.
An implant can be made in one tooth defect, more than one tooth defect, and complete toothlessness.
They allow the teeth to be fixed without damage to the adjacent teeth. They provide a comfortable smile and aesthetic. You can use it like your own tooth.

How much dental implant?

Dental implant costs 500Euro in Turkey Istanbul.