In the Frequently Asked Questions section, I tried to give short answers to your questions. I hope you will benefit from it. In the department I gave information about implant aesthetic dentistry, dental treatments.

I have no teeth. I can not use my dental prosthesis comfortably?

Implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the jawbone. Thanks to the implant, your prosthesis can be connected to the implants in different ways and prostheses can be removed. You can eat food comfortably.


What is the implant?

They are applied to ensure the function and aesthetics of missing teeth. The screws placed on the jawbone are artificial tooth roots. They are made of titanium.
For implant applications, those with good general health and those with enough bone in the jawbone are eligible.
Expert dentists trained in implantology make doctors.
An implant can be made in one tooth defect, more than one tooth defect, and complete toothlessness.
They allow the teeth to be fixed without damage to the adjacent teeth. They provide a comfortable smile and aesthetic. You can use it like your own tooth.

How much dental implant?

Dental implant costs 500Euro in Turkey Istanbul.