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Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

What are the side effects of tooth whitening? Sensitivity to these cold hot drinks and even to the air is disturbing. In case of sensitivity, topical fluoride from your dentist will reduce this sensitivity. To reduce sensitivity, toothpastes with potassium nitrate and high fluoride are also useful.
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If fears become excessive and out of control, then phobias are mentioned. Phobias it is a state of extreme fear and anxiety towards an object, activity or situation that does not actually create a danger. People with phobias are aware that their fears are absurd and irrational, but they cannot prevent them. Phobias sometimes affect […]
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How Should I Choose My Dentist?

People demanded a combination of powers at the doctor they entrusted their teeth to;Having your competence Have sufficient clinical experience Patient should have enough time Must be clean and reliable Can be reached while experiencing problems Prices should be reasonable Technician's dexterity to be good High quality of lamina dental material Factors such as the doctor's degree of education recommendability tad come to the fore.
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Zirconium Crown Turkey İstanbul

How is zirconium teeth made? Model preparation

One of the advancing dentistry applications is zirconium dental veneers prepared by computer aided manufacturing. Due to its many positive properties, I will explain the application steps in zirconium dental coating which is the most preferred dental coating material. PREPARATION OF THE OTHER After treatment or prosthesis planning is done in the mouth, the application […]
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Basic principles of clinical hygiene, concepts and measures. Hepatitis B transmitted to patients through dentists After the incidence of this disease, this disease is considered as the occupational disease of dentists. He has seen. Since the outbreak of AIDS, medical organizations and patients, infections especially blood and saliva-borne factors, effective A high standard of hygiene […]
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