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Üst Çene İmplant Yapımı

To Replace the Extracted Tooth

If you have lost one or more of your teeth, it is important to replace them. Why is it important? The teeth support each other against various pressures during chewing. When you lose one tooth, the other adjacent teeth will begin to move soon and shifts will occur in place of the lost tooth. This […]
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Sallanan Ön Diş Tedavisi

Facts About Zirconium Tooth Coating

Porcelain tooth veneers with metal substructure have been used successfully to date. However, in the last 10 years, aesthetic criteria have come to the forefront and unfortunately, this & nbsp; In addition, the latest computer technology is highly sensitive when it is incorporated into the business, and is extremely powerful in many respects, and aesthetically […]
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İmplant diş yapımı model üzerinde gösterilmiştir.

Is there any harm to having an implant?

Implants are used to eliminate deficiency in areas where tooth loss occurs. The aim is to preserve the presence of bone. Therefore, implant is preferred instead of bridge. After the teeth are pulled, the bone surrounding the teeth begins to melt. Following the dissolution of the bone, the appearance of the face deteriorates, wrinkles around […]
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Empress Diş Kaplama


Mouth and teeth aesthetics, which is an integral part of general body and facial aesthetics, has been receiving more demand in recent years and applications are being diversified by supporting the latest technologies. The rising trend in aesthetic dentistry is now planned not only for the tooth, but also for the tooth-gum aesthetics as a […]
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Ön Diş Estetiği

Gum Diseases

The response of gingival tissue to various factors varies according to age, sex, general health and emotional status in various people. The most common form of gingival disease is chronic inflammation, and usually spreads into supportive tissues periodontal causes the onset of the disease. Some forms of gingival disease can only remain for long years, […]
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