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Facts About Zirconium Tooth Coating

Porcelain tooth veneers with metal substructure have been used successfully to date. However, in the last 10 years, aesthetic criteria have come to the forefront and unfortunately, this & nbsp; In addition, the latest computer technology is highly sensitive when it is incorporated into the business, and is extremely powerful in many respects, and aesthetically […]
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Advantages of Full Porcelain Crowns • Full porcelain crowns create a very similar aesthetic to natural tooth structure as they transmit light, while metal-porcelain has a dullness and artificiality even if it is made very well. For this reason, full porcelain is preferred especially in the front teeth. Full porcelain crowns pass all kinds of […]
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GINGOR DISEASES AND TREATMENTS Chronic marginal gingivitis in the jaw, chronic marginal periodontitis in the jaw. In the periodontium, there are gingival, alveolar bone, cementum, periodontal ligament, and it is possible to collect diseases that are related to these tissues in the periodictal disease. However, diseases of the gingival tissue that form one of the […]
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Single Dental Implant Making

SINGLE DENTAL IMPLANTS This indication has become one of the routine implant therapies since the successful results of the studies aimed at compensating single tooth deficiencies with implants have been determined in various studies. Single dental implants differ from other implant applications due to the high aesthetic expectations of the patients. As can be seen […]
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