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Zirconium Crown Turkey İstanbul

How is zirconium teeth made? Model preparation

One of the advancing dentistry applications is zirconium dental veneers prepared by computer aided manufacturing. Due to its many positive properties, I will explain the application steps in zirconium dental coating which is the most preferred dental coating material. PREPARATION OF THE OTHER After treatment or prosthesis planning is done in the mouth, the application […]
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İmplant diş yapımı model üzerinde gösterilmiştir.


DENTAL IMPLANT is performed in one or two stages. In two stages, the patient is implanted first and covered with gingiva. 1.5-2 months later, after the bone is fused with the implant, a second procedure under local anesthesia is performed to remove the implant from the soft tissue. In this way, the prosthesis stage is […]
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Ağza dikiş atılması


The first molar teeth are the first permanent teeth in the oral cavity and are usually lost due to caries, endodontic treatment or fracture. first tooth. The first molars are the most important teeth in preserving the arc form and correct occlusion.
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What is Smile Design? How are prices determined?

Aesthetic Dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya'dan smile and aesthetic teeth, we learned about the design. There are certain rules when designing a tooth aesthetic and smile, and they start with the fact that the face is proportional to the teeth and is symmetrical. The axes of the teeth, the line passing through the pupils, the distance of the nose wings and many other factors make the tooth coverings compatible with the face. During the smile, it is very important that the shape taken by the dusk and which parts of the teeth appear during this time. Having an aesthetic smile is only possible if all these elements are balanced and scientifically adjusted.
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Diş hekimi Sertaç Kızılkaya yanıtladı

Implanting One Day!

There's even a single day of implant treatment. Is not it beautiful? It is possible to implant the missing tooth as a tooth root in one day and put the coating on the tooth for a dental aesthetic. You thought so. The capitalist order brings as much deception as production and innovation. When you look at shampoos, they say your hair will never fall, it will be bright and vivid. But in reality many people are bald and are pursuing an order to start where I can make my hair.
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