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What is Smile Design? How are prices determined?

In this article you will find the information you are curious about the design of the smile. You will see incorrect content on the Internet and content that is different from copied and pasted content. As always on my website, I continue to share content that I think will be useful to you. Besides this page, we also recommend you to look at tooth whitening, zirconium tooth coating and implant pages.

During the conversation in daily life, the most noticeable part of the person is the oral and dental region. The alignment, structure and color of the teeth make a first impression on the first individual for the opposite individual. There is also a need for a beautiful smile to establish more successful relationships in social life and to have a beautiful appearance. A nice smile can be achieved with small changes in the form of teeth and in color. Dentists can meet their patients with the aesthetic tooth designs that they do today and the smile that gives them a beautiful appearance thanks to tooth whitening procedures.

Smile Design

Zirkonyum diş kaplama özellikleri ve fiyatı

Gülüş tasarımı. Zirkonyum diş kaplama özellikleri

There are certain rules when designing a tooth aesthetic and smile. These start with the fact that the face is proportional to the teeth and is symmetrical. The axes of the teeth, the line passing through the pupils, the distance of the nose wings and many other factors make the dental coatings compatible with the face. During the smile, it is very important that the shape taken by the dusk and which parts of the teeth appear during this time. Having an aesthetic smile is only possible if all these elements are balanced and scientifically adjusted.
The cost of smile aesthetics may vary depending on the treatment to be performed. Sometimes it can be possible to have a nice smile with very simple intervention. Sometimes there can be costly treatments to be done for a nice smile. Mixed therapies may sometimes have problems to be treated, such as orthodontics, implants, crown bridges, gum disease.

Generally, smile design is provided by three main elements.
The first part is the evaluation phase. The patient meets the dentist. Describe requests and expectations. The physician analyzes the problems he listens. It plans the treatments that must be done in order to meet the needs of the patient in the most appropriate way. The patient can take measurements to make a more detailed analysis. The patient’s mouth outside mouth face photographs (left side) and the videos of the conversation laugh are taken. In this way the general condition of the mouth is determined. The choice of the most appropriate color for the teeth is decided. The color of the eye and the status of social life are the guiding elements in determining tooth color.

Zirkonyum Diş Kaplama Diş Hekimi Sertaç Kızılkaya

Diş Hekimi Sertaç Kızılkaya

The photographs taken in the second stage are evaluated with the videotapes and the tooth model prepared by the oral measure. Sit on the templates. The digital smile design on the computer provides concrete information about which parts should be made and the necessary add-ons for the ideal smile.

Pink Aesthetic

During the treatment, zirconium tooth coating, lamina tooth application and tooth whitening treatments are applied through the latest computer aided design and production stages.

When the treatment is over, the smile of the person can be viewed in digital environment approximately.
The treatment plan prepared according to the obtained data is presented to the patient. Biological limitations are determined. The patient is informed about the duration and cost of the treatment. Patients want to get the most beautiful images at the best prices in the shortest time, but this is not always possible. Sometimes the treatment period can be one month and sometimes one year. Especially for patients who need orthodontic treatment, the duration of treatment is expressed in terms of years. For patients requiring gum surgery, the treatment period can be up to three months. If treatment such as bonding, dental coating or laminating is to be performed, the treatment is usually completed within one month.


Who does not want to have white teeth? We know the importance of tooth color for a beautiful smile. Sometimes coloring foods such as tea, cigarette coffee, and sometimes inadequate oral care may cause toothache to thicken. The whitening process applied to the dentist can achieve the desired brightness and whiteness of the tooth color. Let’s not forget that we have to listen to the physician’s suggestions to preserve this color. You can get more detailed information on the topic by linking to the tooth whitening page on our website. Tooth whitening can be applied at home and in the dental clinic. The best method of tooth whitening for you can be determined clinically by your physician according to your dentition and color.


The whole process to be performed to obtain tooth aesthetics constitutes the price of smile design. Tooth whitening and teeth whitening are the most commonly applied smile design processes. Orthodontic therapy and smile design will be performed if the orthodontic treatment prices are added to this price. Why orthodontics? In some cases, the teeth may have shifted. In this case it is impossible to apply the coatings on the teeth in the correct position.

Teeth are first taken to the required positions. Then, when they are coated, desired aesthetic result is obtained. When orthodontic treatment is needed, it is necessary to add an additional cost of about 1500 dollars. This orthodontic price is excluded from the dental price to be made. Another treatment that affects the price most for the smile design is the implant application process. If an implant is needed for missing teeth, a cost of $ 1000 per implant will be added. This average price is the approximate amount for implant and dental coating. For dental coverage, each tooth is calculated as 300 euros and the average dental price is calculated.

Stay Healthy.


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Diş hekimi Sertaç Kızılkaya yanıtladı

Implanting One Day!

Everything is easy now, is not it? Long roads are short, hard work is simple. You are putting dirty clothes on the machine, it is washed and dried out. Is this the case in dental treatment? How is tooth decay, toothache, missing tooth treatment done today? There’s even a single day of implant treatment. Is not it beautiful? It is possible to implant the missing tooth as a tooth root in one day and put the coating on the tooth for a dental aesthetic. You thought so. The capitalist order brings as much deception as production and innovation. When you look at shampoos, they say your hair will never fall, it will be bright and vivid. But in reality many people are bald and are pursuing an order to start where I can make my hair. one day implant.

Dental Implant One Day

Today I will refer to the implants on a day which is one of the most remarkable topics of recent times. An application that causes confusion with ads such as “a tooth in a day” or “an end to a toothlessness in a day”.

Implant in one day seems to be the motto of Istanbul Dental Clinics. But this slogan is misleading. As end users, patients think that all transactions will end in a day. It is not the case. This is just an attention advertising campaign. So the slogan. One day a temporary tooth is placed on the implant. A week later the sutures are being removed from the area where the implant is made. It is time to make permanent teeth as a result of gum checks and perhaps a new temporary tooth preparation and subsequent ongoing checks. This is a process that takes three months in total. Where was the implant in one day?

Do you belive implant in a day?

Implant is done in one day. But implant therapy does not end. In a single day, however, operations such as tooth filling or tooth cleaning can be completed. With the latest innovations, dipping can be done in one day. I would like to repeat it with a complete answer that implant is placed in one day. Then you need to go to the dentist again for treatment. Immediate placement of the implant can be performed immediately when the patient is suffering from dental pain.

For this procedure to be successful, tooth extraction must be performed without trauma. If the bone is damaged without damage to the tooth and its surroundings, an implant can be implanted in the same seantation tooth cavity immediately. It is important to note that the tooth root is the cylindrical structure of the implant with the ovoid structure. The implant diameter must be adjusted correctly. If a small diameter implant is used, excess cavities may cause implant loss. Conversely, the use of large diameter implants negatively impacts bone mass and compliance with the surrounding tissues.

How many implants are made in one day?

It may be asked how many implants are made in one day. It would be wiser to give information about the number of implants made in a day rather than an implant. This is also one of the curiosities. How many implants can be made in one day depends on the patient and the medicine. The question is, how many implants can be made in one day in a day, I will tell you a clear number.

16 implants can be made. How Does? When 8 implants are applied to the upper jaw and 8 implants are applied to the lower jaw, the patient has 16 implants made on the same day. This is possible. Medically, the physician evaluates the patient’s condition. If there is no systemic disease, if there is no problem in opening the mouth, and if the physician thinks that he / she has sufficient performance in this respect, 16 implants may be done in one day.

Do you want implant in 1 day?

Implant, but treatment has to continue. See what happens now. If you read ads for implant prices in a day, you will only pay the money in a day. Implant therapy will not end in a day. Implant operation is not a very simple process. It is not difficult either. However, the steps and processes of treatment should be applied with care. In order not to encounter undesirable situations such as Implant Losses, it is necessary to apply the processes completely and correctly.

Expectations from implant treatment have risen considerably. You need to know that this is not a miracle. I think it would be more useful to talk about what you can do with your physician and your own teeth instead of reading ads that confuse your mind with the purity of the implant in a day.

It is important to get information about the procedures to be performed before the implant treatment. The patient needs to know what to do in the process. You can get detailed information on this treatment, which is a phased procedure, from the implant page.



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One of the frequently asked questions to me is how much does it cost to have all my teeth implanted? How much does it cost to wear all my teeth? Although I do not want to hear a number in the answer when asking this question, I also know step by step that they will not find the number they hear.

How do I know? Because this process is not a fabrication process, and the process that needs to be done for each person is different. Therefore, the cost of implant construction also varies. I wonder how many teeth she has when I say all my teeth. Does anyone know who is asking this question? Is it possible for a physician who has never seen him to know when he is not even aware of himself? Implant prices can be determined for each person according to the treatment plan made after the examination. But for those who are curious, I will give the figures related to implant prices at the end of the article. After I read the article, the price ranges I give will become more meaningful. you will also have information about how these prices can change.

First, let’s exchange information about when all the teeth need to be made for the implant. Common tooth loss usually occurs after 40 to 50 years of age. However, there are also people who have had to take all their teeth at an earlier age due to accidents, misbehavior of teeth, and so on. The widespread tooth decay also causes the loss of all teeth at an early age. The most common cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Loss of All Teeth with Cause of Caries

In addition to poor enamel structure, poor oral hygiene also has a protective effect for tooth decay. False nutrition, snacks, excessive consumption of sticky and sugary foods, acidic sparkling beverages damage tooth mines. The reason for the tightening and gnashing of teeth is that of the enamel layer of teeth and the rapid progression of dental caries on the dentin surfaces.

What to do. If tooth decay occurs at an early age, tooth decay should be cleaned and filled as soon as possible. It can be a good alternative to dental caries in teeth that are too big to be filled. Dental care between 6 and 13 years, called mixed dentition period, should be done regularly.

The secondary tooth decay occurs when caries treatment is not performed well. When tooth decay continues to decay from under the tooth, pain, inflammation, and even the fall of the tooth fill is encountered. If there is too much material loss or if there is a problem in channel treatment, the tooth should be pulled out if there is no other way but tooth extraction.

Dental implants replace dental implants with periodontal disease and loss of teeth is more problem-free than the disease. The lack of bone mass means that there is sufficient bone height and thickness for the implant. An exception here is that the bone with the stem has not been removed during tooth extraction. It is extremely important to perform a dental x-ray or tomography prior to implantation of all the teeth and to perform a status check with intraoral examination. Some regions may require bone graft application.

Loss of All Teeth with Periodontal Disease Cause

As a periodontal disease, which we know as gum disease, all teeth are frequently removed. Periodontal diseases are largely inherited. When diagnosed early, very good oral care and regular dental treatment and periodontitis progress can be slowed down. periodontitis patients, undergoing care and control, can use their own teeth for many years without losing their teeth.

If unchecked, gum inflammation, redness bleeding, gum swelling and uncomfortable disease-causing teeth begin to feel the beginning of shaking begins. Treatment initiatives can not create miracles after the tooth swing begins. The days when teeth will be lost even if they are used for a longer period of time.

Decrease of bone-to-tooth connection begins in the anterior teeth region and in the posterior large teeth. Dental roots swing. A few years after the tooth is pulled, the other teeth are exposed to the same end. Patients describe this situation after the first two females have started, and others have begun to move like dominoes. this is a condition that is caused by the fact that bone loss has affected all teeth over time.


Even if we consider that brands affect the implant price , this is a plus or minus in a given range. For example, 20-30% price difference. The actual implant is the number of implants that will affect tooth prices and the surgical technique to be used. The need for osseous lifting and sinus lifting influences implant dental treatment prices . An implant costs 500 euros, while another implant costs 550 euros, with a price difference of 10%. However, when the number of implants increases, the price of 600 euros is 1400 euros. That’s a 100% increase. 4 implants can be made for full toothless jaws. 8 implants can also be recommended for dental implant and bridge solutions on fixed implants. This does not mean much when the price is said to be between 30 thousand and 60 thousand, because the difference of 30 thousand TL is a serious difference. But that’s the case.

If it is necessary to make generalization for the construction of implants for all toothless patients, it is necessary to determine what kind of tooth is made. If a tooth prosthesis is inserted and removed after all the teeth are lost, two implants in the lower jaw and four implants in the upper jaw are applied.


Four implants for the lower jaw, called all four , are on the agenda for patients who want to use fixed teeth and lose all their teeth. The number of teeth placed on these four implants will be less than the number of teeth that should be. I do not recommend this all on four technique because I do not want it to lose its chewing function. I recommend at least six implants or more implants for fixed dental sub-cannulated teeth.

Up to fourteen all the four techniques are not already suitable. Fixed application on four implants is not possible because the bone is softer. It is possible to apply a fixed tooth bridge with six or more implants. The presence of sinus cavities in the minor teeth region may result in the need for treatment with bone dust. This will increase the cost.

It is not comfortable to use partial dentures with removable prosthesis before implantation, even if using hook or sliding dentures. For a non-female patient, you will see two implants on the lower cannula and a prosthetic application.

& Nbsp;


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When we have tooth problems like every health problem, we have to cope with this problem as well as the economic dimension. dental treatments are known to be consistently high in price. We wanted to give you information about the factors that affect the price of dental treatment for dental treatment procedures, which are both a material and a workmanship, and which treatment you can make with what prices.

Dental treatment prices are increasing at least annually in inflation rates. Expenditures such as rent and expenses from fixed expenses as well as material expenses, which is one of the most important expenditures, increase with foreign exchange. The inflation rate announced every year is about half of the rate of increase in foreign exchange. Turkish dentists have foreseen a decrease in dental treatment fees even in inflation for the last five years with the aim of contributing to the health expenditures of the state by working in partnership with the state. Prices insist on not receiving service from private dental clinics and private dental clinics, even if they can not cover the cost of supplies. Just looking at the table below for simulation purposes will suffice to understand what a labor exploitation is. In addition to the education investment that my doctor has made, the cost of opening a business in the standards that can safely be applied safely adds to the cost of dental treatment, which comes at a high cost.


2018 Dental Prices 8% VAT Excluded
Dental price 100-300 TL
Dental fill price is 180-350 TL
The cost of channel therapy is 165-700 TL
Porcelain tooth paste price 400-800 TL
Zirconium tooth coating price 700-1800 TL
Implant price is 1500-4500 TL
We make you a wholesaler in order to get a healthy mouth tooth from the life of the tooth problem. Large dental problems will come with little control and little touches from life without overgrowth, both cheaper and will be shorter as time.

A happy, healthy and beautiful smile with 4 steps:
Regular checks

Regular Tooth Control
Panoramic Dental X-ray
Implant + Orthodontics Evaluation
Smile Makeup Counseling
Emergency Tooth Treatments
Tooth protection

Provision of hygiene
Tooth surface polishing and polishing
Mouth protector night plates
Flouride Varnish
Other Preventive Measures
Preventing pain

Filling caries
Tooth extraction (control of twenty teeth)
Detection of broken / worn teeth
Gum bleeding control
Control of canal-treated teeth
Complete smile

Teeth whitening
Correction of curved teeth (Orthodontic Transparent plate)
Completion of missing teeth
Oral surgery
Dental coating applications
Smile design zirconium tooth coating, laminate veneer.
Do you have any questions about our services?

You can call us at 00902126616979 or contact us directly using our contact form.

Dental price 180 200 2230
Dent filler price 190-250 220-280 250-310
Porcelain tooth coating 550 750 950
Implant tooth price 1900 3000 3500
Price of tooth whitening 800 1200 1600
Tooth cleaning price 150-200 210-280 300-380
Source: Figures are for illustration purposes only. It is for showing the increase rates and the increase based on the exchange rate.

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Zirconium tooth coatings are becoming more and more popular in the treatment of aesthetic teeth with natural teeth appearance. They are preferred over other dental coatings due to their outstanding properties. In fact this dental coating material deserves to be paid even though it is higher in price. Due to the many years of trouble-free use of the tooth coating and many other positive features, zirconium coatings are preferred even though they are more expensive. It is the attention of the patients that the coating is smooth and long lasting.
Zirconium tooth coatings are preferred even though their high prices are due to the following advantages.

  • They are transparent enough to look like natural teeth
  • Less dental wear required for coating
  • Biologically compatible with body tissues and gums
  • Precise work can be done
  • Fully harmonized with gum
  • Resistant to abrasion and breakage

The aesthetic qualities of the zirconium coating are seen as the greatest advantage. In the years when it first began to be applied, it was a preferred practice, especially for the preparation of the front teeth. The finished coating does not only cover the teeth, it can also complete the missing tooth cavities. In this regard, they have become one of the most frequently applied missing tooth closure methods as an alternative.

Nowadays, application is realized with computer aided production devices from zirconia blocks. The design prepared on the computer cuts off with the given command. In order to make the prepared infrastructure more durable, it is heated in special ovens at very high temperatures and transferred to the durability. It is a fact that the old generation tooth coverings have been used for many years. However, when we smile, it is impossible to get a natural tooth image from the teeth.

Some people say that they have a metallic taste in the presence of metal coatings and that they feel uncomfortable when they touch metal with the tongue. Porcelain coatings with metal create an ugly appearance over the gums and black. The resulting dark color image is usually renewed and removed when the metal has no aesthetic zirconium. Zirconium tooth coatings are definitely more aesthetic than porcelain tooth coatings.


Ucuz yapılmış zirkonyum nedeni ile diş eti hastalığı oluşmuş.

Zirkonyum Diş Kaplama Önce Sonra Diş eti kanaması olan hasta doğru uygulanan diş kaplamaları sonrasında sağlığına kavuşmuştur.

Veneere and dental treatments costs are different according to the country in which they are experienced. The price policy of the dentist or dentist may be different from the others. The quality of the material used and the dental technician’s experience affect the zirconium tooth prices. It is generally necessary to know that it is a high-priced application in coatings. As the durability and aesthetic properties increase, the price of the material also increases.

In the United States it is necessary to pay around $ 1000 for a zirconium tooth coating and about 600 pounds in the UK. People living in Europe and America are required to have a large number of teeth covered and visit other countries within the scope of health tourism to have dental treatments. With the price of $ 250 $ 550 $ 450 Mexico in Hungary in Turkey it is possible to make a zirconium dental veneer. The best quality and cheapest price zirconium dental applications are made in Turkey.


Negative features are said to be high prices. However, the material can be used for many years in a healthy way and giving the desired aesthetic shows that it deserves the money paid.

Teeth Cleaning Prices

Zirconium coatings are the subject of tooth wear when facing the tooth. Good polishing and good closing adjustment are important for this problem that has arisen for many years.

Teeth whitening

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