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The first molar teeth are the first permanent teeth in the oral cavity and are usually lost due to caries, endodontic treatment or fracture. The first molars are the most important teeth in preserving the arc form and correct occlusion. In order to preserve the integrity of the tooth in adult individuals, extensive restorations are replaced several times by crown restorations.

The average life of these crowns are 10 years.

The average life of these crowns are 10 years. Caries and unsuccessful endodontic treatments are the primary reasons for the loss of crowns. As a result of these complications, the extraction of the teeth is the main cause of posterior single tooth deficiencies.

Treatment Alternatives in Tooth Deficiencies dental implant

Treatment alternatives in single tooth deficiencies

(1) Removable partial denture,

(2) Resin-retaining prostheses,

(3) Fixed-section prosthesis or implant-supported prosthesis.


dental implant

dental implant

Dentist crests carefully examine the distance between. Prosthesis is contraindicated without correction of occlusal plane and maxillomandibular relations in patients with diminished vertical size and insufficient.

An option for the restoration of a single tooth cavity is a removable partial ture. In restorative dentistry, it is common practice to use fixed dentures whenever possible. Removable partial dentures are used in the absence of two or more dental cavities or canines and two adjacent teeth. Advantage of removable partial dentures is the easy maintenance of adjacent teeth, soft tissue filling in large defect areas. and again providing the upper lip support in large defects, minimal support and minimal dental preparation

Removable dentures do not protect the bone. The upper first molar tooth is generally located in the aesthetic region and the bone resorption compromises the aesthetic result. In the absence of a single tooth, the removable partial denture cannot improve the function; provides aesthetics and prevents neighboring teeth from toppling. Removable partial dentures increase nutrient retention and plaque build-up compared to other treatment options due to the space required and cross-arc stabilization.
Removable partial dentures
Resin-retaining acrylic dentures
Placeholders Fixed-section prosthesis
Implant dentures


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