Pain After Endodontic Treatment

When we refer to canal treatment, it is imperative that dental treatment is done necessarily for the teeth which are no longer obtained from other methods. No endodontic treatment is done for a tooth unless we have to. However, if clinical and radiological controls detect damage to the endodontic and/or pulp chamber, endodontic treatment is decided. In this article I would like to give information about the causes and possible causes of pain after endodontic treatment since I had already mentioned and answered FAQ’s about endodontic treatment in my other articles.


Endodontic Treatment Issues and FAQ’s

I will be answering the questions of; “what is the price of endodontic treatment, is endodontic treatment a hard thing to do, will endodontic treatment hurt, what is the process of renewing endodontic treatment, toothache after endodontic treatment, what endodontic treatment experts do, will the enododontic treatment cause pain when we eat sour, cold or hot food?

If you want to get more information about enododontic treatment, you can always look out to my Youtube and watch some videos regarding the issue.

The purpose of cleansing and filling the dental roots  is to lift the toothache from the center and to rescue the tooth from pulling out. In treatments that can not be successful, the teeth have to be retracked. A good endodontic treatment procedure is needed to rescue the tooth from retraction. Well, what exactly is a well made enododontic treatment? Why does an enododontic treatment end up unsuccessful?

What is the reason of pain after the enododontic treatment? Is there always an ache after endodontic treatment? What should have to be done after an enododontic treatment to not feel painful?

The dental roots are almost as thin as our hair, and they are made in tubular form about 20 millimeters long. The part of the tooth visible in the mouth is called the crown. There is a pulp chamber in this crown part which gives teeth its richness. The vascular nerve pack from the root of the tooth is placed in a large chamber in the pulp chamber in the crown of the tooth and plays a major role in heat sensitivity as well as moistening and elasticity of the tooth hard tissue.

Severe pain starts when the dental pulp chamber is infected with external factors such as infected teeth or when the nerve is very close when the teeth are cut. In this case, the tooth must be anaestethesized. As you see in the picture on the right, the tooth pulp chamber cleaned and a tooth with the channel roots were opened.

Kanal tedavisi fiyatı

Tooth pulp chamber has opened for endodontic treatment. Doctor of Dental Medicine Sertaç Kızılkaya


Difficulties That are Being Faced in an Endodontic Treatment

As with every treatment procedure, there may be problems while removing the dental nerve, cleansing, shaping the channels and then filling. If the most common treatment complications are listed;

  1. Narrow channels
  2. Additional channels
  3. Curved channels
  4. Channel structure that bifurcates after single entry
  5. Infections through the root canal
  6. Tool break in the channel
  7. Overfilling of root treatment material
  8. Root cracks
  9. Breaking of roots
  10. Pain after endodontic treatment

What Is the Most Important Thing In an Endodontic Treatment?

Ağrıyan dişe ne yapılır? Kanal tedavisi mi çekim mi?

What should be done if you have a toothache? Endodontic treatment or tooth extraction?

Just as every job has a tricky point, there are also tricky points in endodontic treatment. A good endodontic treatment keeps the tooth extraction. We, the doctors, use knowledge, experience and technology to overcome the difficulties I have just put in order. It does not matter how much experience and knowledge the doctor has, if the doctor has not learnt the advanced treatment techniques, the doctor’s success will not be high as expected. When all of these components are combined, knowledge, experience and adaptation on advanced treatment techniques, it is possible to achieve the best possible treatment and the best results. As I always said, your teeth are the best if they’re original. However, in the face of necessity, treatments such as filling, endodontic treatment can be applied.

I’ve told you before that the endodontic treatment may be painful previously. What is the reason for pain after canal treatment? Do you always have toothache after canal treatment? What should be done to avoid pain after canal treatment?

I have mentioned 10 factors above that negatively affect the success of endodontic treatment. I have also said that the use of knowledge, experience and technology is necessary to overcome these difficulties. Are all channels now 100% successful? No! There is a risk of losing your tooth in every endodontic treatment. Although this risk is the reduced today, but it has not fully reduced.

Why Do People Have Toothache After Endodontic Treatment

The tooth nerves may not have been fully taken. Also this can often be seen when the dental root size is calculated incorrectly or when roots are cracked after a single entry. The presence of additional channels in the tooth also causes pain in the teeth after endodontic treatment. The fact that root canals can not be thoroughly expanded and disinfected can also be the cause of post-procedural pain. Another common problem is the pushing of the ducts at the root tip and the pressure at the root tip during the dilation of the root canals.

Küçükçekmece Florya Kanal tedavisi Kliniği

Endodontic Treatment Clinic Kliniği 02126616979 Doctor of Dental Medicine Sertaç Kızılkaya

Though it is not fully possible to remove these factors altogether, there are many things that can be done to reduce the. We can achieve very successful results when we combine our experience with technology and knowledge accumulation which will prevent patients from encountering such problems in my clinic.

For a good endodontic treatment, qualified supplies increase the cost of endodontic treatment. At first glance, it seems like it has high cost, but when we think about it, it is the best choice since you have the chance to use our own teeth by paying a much more lower price than implant.

How many days does it take to pass the pain after the endodontic treatment? Actually it depends on the work done and the pain that reveals the pain may vary on the condition. Usually, if there is no major problem, the slight pain caused by biting during a week will get out of hand. However, if you are experiencing severe soreness, you may have serious problems with duct treatment. You should contact your dentist as soon as possible. Therefore, we are guiding to your own doctor since the doctor who made endodontic treatment to you can better understand and solve the problems that occured.

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