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What is the dental implant?

Implant is a titanium screw system that is used to make prosthesis on teeth deficiencies. Dental implants placed in the jaw bone function like tooth root. In the case of single tooth defects, it is possible to complete missing tooth without touching neighboring healthy teeth, and it is possible to use fixed prostheses instead of moving prosthesis in the case of multiple tooth defects thanks to dental implants. It is possible to fix movable prosthesis, which is prone to continuous extraction from the mouth, which is difficult to use, especially in the case of complete toothlessness, by means of implants.

Dental Implant treatment process

At the end of dental treatment, the prosthesis takes longer to complete than conventional treatments because it requires 2 to 5 to 4 months for titanium to integrate into the bones, plus 6 months for any intervention in the jawbone or removal of the upper cannulated sinus cavity. However, the results obtained at the end of this period are quite pleasant and much longer.

Dental Implant Advantages

Particularly for patients who have been toothless for many years, the existing prostheses of the teeth continue to change due to the change in bone, causing the bumps to move and lose. Prostheses that are fixed with implants do not have the possibility of moving out of the mouth, they are very useful and comfortable.

Under local anesthesia, only the procedure where the implant site is anesthetized is completely painless. It is quite comfortable to take prescribed medicines before the operation, to use antiseptic gargars after the procedure and to heal with a good oral care.

Do you have a swelling, pain in the end of implant operation?

Good Tooth Brushing

İyi Diş Fırçalama

İyi Diş Fırçalama

The first 24 hours of cold buffer application will reduce the edema rapidly. Severe pain is not seen, and the pain medication prescribed by the doctor is enough to easily control the pain that may occur on the first day.

How is the implant process? How long will my teeth be completed?
The implants are expected to bond to the bones at an average of 3 months in the upper cannula and an average of 2 months in the lower cannula, and porcelain coatings are applied to them. If additional treatment is applied to the presence of fine or inadequate bone, the waiting period can be extended up to 6 months.

Is a seamless dental implant possible?
It is possible to do the same seansta implant in situations where only single tooth extraction is performed and no incision is made in the extraction gap.

Dental implants are manufactured from titanium. Titanium, which is highly biocompatible to the human body, is a non-toxic precious metal that does not pose any risk of allergies.

Do implant applications fit me?
It would be inconvenient to do this in patients who have a significant systemic disease that is not under control, who are receiving radiotherapy or chemotherapy in the near future. However, if the disease is controlled, the implant can be done by anyone. If enough bone can not be found in the examination, the implants can be placed after the bone structure is formed by additional operations.

Can I implant an implanted cigarette?
In many studies, it has been proved that cigarette inhibits bone integration with the implant. In smokers, the risk of implant falls is normally 2-3 times higher.

How long can implants last?
The life of a dental implant is like natural teeth. Normal oral and dental care is used for many years as long as it is well done.

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