The most common problems in the mouth are gum disease. They can cause tooth loss when they go. As you read this page, I think that you have problems with your gums too. That’s why I will give you the quickest and easiest way to know about gum disease and its treatment. First of all, we need to know what the gingival bleeding means. Read about gum treatment.

Treatment for gum disease treatment should be started before it is too late.

Bleeding in the teeth is one of the common problems of oral and dental problems. The problems that may arise in the health of the gums also affect the general health condition negatively. The gum bleeds serve as red alarms on the body. Problems such as deficiency of the defense system and lack of vitamins cause deterioration of gum health. This is why gum disease occurs. Hemorrhage caused by infection progresses further in patients who disrupt dental care.

The resulting infection not only affects the gums but also other organs and the body’s defense system. The gum bleeding, also known as the epidemic of gum disease, also causes mouth odor. Sometimes the gums that go through the cavity are bleeding with a bad mouth odor. Improper treatment of tooth decay saves both gum problem and tooth rescue. This is why periodic dental surveillance is important.

How do we know if our teeth are healthy?

The gums are pink and tight. The female wraps like a collar in the neck region and the knife ends in the form of a back where it joins with the tooth. The color change in the gums starts with redness first and red edematous gums are an indication of infection. Healthy gums never bleed during brushing. The gaps between the teeth are covered with gum papillae in a healthy mouth. There should be no gap between the teeth. When you have gum disease, you can see the teeth are opened.

Dental Diagnosis?

Inadequate oral care, hereditary factors cause gum disease. In addition, the presence of faulty dentures and prostheses and curved teeth create a favorable environment for the formation of gum disease. Due to the untimely maintenance and treatment, this problem progresses and reaches serious dimensions. Now let’s understand how the gum disease progresses.

  • Heredity
  • Neglect
  • Bad filling, prosthesis, covering
  • Curved teeth
  • Bacterial plaque and teeth stone
  • Tooth decay
    should be investigated and treatment should be started as soon as possible. Early treatment for gum disease is very important.

How is gum disease progressing?

Adult individuals have more than 3 out of 4 gum disease problems. Gum problems are not limited only to the destruction of gums in the mouth. The surrounding organs, the teeth and the alveolar bones, are also caused largely by destruction. Gum problems can not be treated at home. In society there is the thought that medicinal herbs and plants and gum treatment are possible. Even if there is such a belief, it is not possible for the gums to reach the health of the gums before the causative agent is removed.

Gum disease progresses with various stages. Gingivitis, the initial stage, is the fastest and definite result. Briefly, I will try to explain the stages of gum disease below.


It is the first phase of problems that occur in the gums. There is bleeding, color change and edema. At this stage the patient does not feel any discomfort. Hemorrhages can be seen when the teeth are scrubbed. Gums are more sensitive. When you consult your dentist with early signs and symptoms, you will return to your former health with complete treatment. The first thing to do is to clean the teeth. At this stage, there was no damage on the jawbone that supported the teeth.

Delayed gum treatment results in loss of teeth.


Ucuz yapılmış zirkonyum nedeni ile diş eti hastalığı oluşmuş.

Zirkonyum Diş Kaplama Önce Sonra Diş eti kanaması olan hasta doğru uygulanan diş kaplamaları sonrasında sağlığına kavuşmuştur.

Gingivitis is an advanced stage when it is not treated. Microorganisms have progressed to bone tissue, which supports the tooth. The reason for bone destruction is the shelter of microbes called pockets between the teeth and the gums. These pockets are extremely harmful. Gum is a hard-to-clean pocket demolition area. Gum and bone loss lose volume in these areas. Then the teeth start to swing. The teeth move increasingly. Usually they open up. The cause of infection is odor in the mouth. No matter how brushed, the bristles do not go through.

The picture on the right shows a gum disease caused by poor quality zirconium tooth coating. The quality of the material does not mean that the process will yield good results. The shaping of teeth, measurement techniques and materials, as well as the materials used by the dental technician, as well as the careful effects of knowledge, experience and work.

Gum infection may not always be symptomatic, it is of great importance to have dental checks at regular intervals.

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