Laminate Veneer Crown

Porcelain lamina tooth coatings are made in order to bring the shapes and colors of the teeth to the desired extent in aesthetic dentistry. When this is done, the aesthetic needs of the person are determined. Face shape, considering the lip structure, ideal tooth size shape and color is obtained. Aesthetic dentistry, smile design, teeth whitening, tooth corners and tips to fix the treatment such as this treatment is being implemented more and more every day.

The laminate veneer, which means to cover a thin layer of the tooth surface, is named according to the material used. I will try to convey information about porcelain laminate veneers or composite laminate veneer applications in this article. Let’s first look at general information about the lamina tooth. If you want to apply laminate coatings, suitable for whom, not suitable for people and look at laminate veneer prices.

Application areas of laminante veneer dental treatment:
1-Repair of broken or cracked teeth, closure of gaps between teeth
2-Extension of tooth length
3-Reforming of teeth
4-Removal of tooth disorders caused by various reasons,
5-Correction of slightly blended teeth
When porcelain lamina coatings are done, it is necessary to go to the dentist for 2 or 3 sessions. During the preparation of the dentist, the dental area to be treated with local anesthesia is treated. It makes the necessary amount of abrasion from the front face of the tooth. He then takes measurements from this area and sends it to the laboratory.
The tooth surface is abraded about 1 millimeter. You should avoid cold hot and acidic foods until you get your teeth plugged in.
These very delicate porcelain coatings prepared to be adhered to the tooth surface resemble tooth enamel with their light transmittance and surface properties. The surface of the glued tooth of the lamine appears bright and natural.
Porcelain lamina tooth coating offers many advantages. The greatest advantage is that very little material is removed from the tooth surface for their construction. Because they do not contain metal, they do not cause food intake over time in the gums like classical porcelain tooth dressings. Their colors do not deteriorate due to pictures like cigarette tea during use. After the porcelain lamina teeth are glued, it is possible to use them as you would your own teeth as they would be a natural part of your teeth, but you must avoid compulsive movements such as peanut nibbling, toothbrush teeth grinding.

Who can not make porcelain laminae?

Lamina diş kaplama ile estetik

Lamina diş kaplama ile estetik

When it is in front of the lower jaw, it is not suitable for making teeth when the teeth are closed to the tip and when they are rubbing teeth. Lamina application is not recommended for those who tighten their teeth. Because they are thin, there is a high risk of breakage. It is not possible for a person who has previously undergone toothbrushing to have a lamina. If it is cut for dental coating, it is not possible to apply this cut laminated veneer. As you can see in the example of the lamina application on page, the tooth is only etched from certain places for application.
Laminate is advantageous because there is less material loss in the application of the lamina than in the zirconium or empress tooth coatings. Applied zirconium or porcelain require good care after they are made like tooth coatings. Toothpaste should use care products such as toothbrushes, toothpicks and interface brushes. Periodic dental surveillance should be done without disruption.

In recent years, especially in the newspapers and television, and the preferred choice of dental aesthetic applications that many of the folks preferred by the application of lamina dental application has shown a great improvement over the years. This method, which is preferred by the people who give importance to laughter and who has to be in front of the teeth with their teeth, has become more aesthetic and durable every year.

Dentists make the mouth of the patient ready for treatment before applying lamina dentistry. Then the necessary preparation on the teeth and take measurements. This method of treatment, which provides an elegant and aesthetic appearance, helps to achieve an invaluable beauty.

Lamina Veneer Prices

As a matter of fact, compared to when lamina tooth prices were first applied, in recent years they have gone down to more reasonable levels. Dental coating prices are also decreasing with the increase in the demand for laminates. Dentists working in the field of aesthetic dentistry have been one of the treatment methods that they spend on their work.

Lamina dental practice is at the forefront of the dental practices for which the “labor” factor is the most common. Both material and workmanship require great attention to labor and investment, lamina porcelain tooth coatings are applied at higher prices than other tooth coatings. If the price of porcelain lamina is very high, your physician can apply the composite lamina tooth application with cheaper price. But the result will not be perfect as a porcelain lamina. Composite lamina dentistry is a cost effective and aesthetic procedure for intermittent teeth closure.

1 Laminate veneer crown is 250€


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