When it comes to laughing design, it is important to imagine that your dental practice and art are applied together to discover your ideal ideal smile and to be defeated. Taking your personal requests into consideration, you should plan the most beautiful smile that combines function, aesthetics and naturalness. Generally, one or more operations such as whitening, porcelain laminate veneer, implant or gum leveling are applied together. Smile design, factors such as face shape, skin color, sex, age, lips, color of teeth, arrangement and gingival form are taken into consideration.

What to Look for in Laughing Design?

  1. Your Face Lines
  2. Your Gender
  3. Your age
  4. Smiley symmetry
  5. Order and color of your teeth
  6. Your lips.
  7. Your gums are evaluated.

The laughing design starts by first determining which geometric line your face line meets. The lines on the face of the quiche contain the passwords in which form the quiche should be chosen. The following are the major facial features and corresponding dental forms:
Male and female anatomy are different from each other. In men, facial contours are sharper and more pronounced. The nose, the jaw-tipped proportions differ from the female face. Passages in females are softer than soft nose and eyebrow belts. The teeth have the same parallelism.
The corners of the teeth turn softer,
The laughing line is curved upwards,
The two teeth in the middle are slightly longer than the teeth on the side,
There are tiny gaps between the corners of adjacent teeth.
In men:
Neighboring teeth join a more straight line,
The lines of the teeth are more prominent,
The laughing line is smoother.

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