Apparently you are not satisfied with your tooth color. It’s not hard to have white teeth anymore. With esthetic dentistry nowadays tooth whitening is now one of the most applied cosmetic dentistry procedures. What is the reason for tooth whitening, which is the rescuer of those who change color over time or those who have trouble with color from birth?


First of all, it is useful to know that tooth cleaning and tooth whitening are completely different things. You can read my article about tooth cleaning by following the link on my website. In this article I wanted to explain how to whiten teeth in a tooth whitening dental clinic at home and how to have whiter teeth with a mixed system using both systems together. If you can not find the answer to the questions you are looking for, you can contact me. The link to my contact page is right here. You can benefit from my website for other aesthetic tooth treatments and treatments such as zirconium tooth coating.

What are the reasons for the deterioration of the teeth color?

Color disturbances can be genetic, as well as certain food and beverages such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, red wine, cola, excessive fluoride use such as accidental use of the tetracycline drugs during tooth development, accidental use during tooth development, bad oral care, One of the factors can be formed by combining the yada.


You can continue your whitening process by applying a gel to the whitening plaques that your dentist prepares according to your oral cavity. Especially for patients with very dark tooth color, it is recommended to do whitening at home after office whitening. Applied tooth whitening at home is lower than that applied in the oyster as the concentration of gel. For this reason, it is recommended to start the treatment with office bleaching for patients who want to obtain particularly good results. Bleaching at home strengthens the whitening of applied teeth and helps to last longer.


What is tooth bleaching?

What is tooth bleaching?

It is practiced by the dentist in the clinic. It is the method to get good results in a short time. After the dentist closes the gums with the protector, it applies the whitening gel on the teeth and activates the bleaching agent with the light source. The light source can be halogen, led flat laser. Each system has its own light source. The physician adjusts the duration and amount of gel according to his experience. Afterwards, the tooth surface is cleaned with an absorbent device before the gums are lifted. and washing is done. The mouth is rinsed after the gum cover is removed.

1. In a short time (20 minutes) with the help of a special light in the office conditions
2. With the gelatinous solutions containing bleach at different concentrations (10%, 16%, 22%) depending on the coloration state of your teeth, your social life in an oral application sponge can be done in 4-6 / It can be done in 7 days, as you can decide with your dentist.
Who can do tooth whitening?
Almost everyone who has discolored teeth can whiten teeth. The type of coloring in your teeth should be determined by your dentist and how much it will be whitened. Only children who are not fully pregnant and permanent teeth can not be candidates.
Is Teeth Whitening safe?
Certainly, whitening when applied under the control of your dentist will not harm the teeth and the surrounding tissues.
Is there any side effect of the bleaching process?
During the whitening process, it is most likely to be a temporary complaint. This situation is completely temporary. It passes by itself in time. There’s no need to worry.
How permanent is the whitening process?
If you need to care for your teeth and according to your cigarette-colored food consumption frequency, 1 -2 application short reinforcements are available for bleaching all over the world.

Things you should know in Teeth Whitening:

1 High citrus acid and fruit juices can cause tooth sensitivity.
2. Some patients may have temporary discomfort in their gums, lips, throat or dildo. Either of these symptoms lasts longer than two days or, in case of worsening, your dentist is advised. Usually 1 to 3 days after the treatment is discontinued, these side effects are reduced.
3. Coffee, tobacco and other products spot your teeth over time
4. It is important after regular whitening to maintain dental control and cleanliness and a healthy smile.
4. If you have any problems with this treatment, please consult your dentist absolutely.
5. Some old amalgam or “silver” padding can leave a dark purple color on the whitening pad: this is normal.
6. Keep away from where children can not reach.
7. Gel may contain peroxide and fluoride; ingestion in large quantities may be harmful.


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