Teeth Cleaning Price

Teeth Cleaning

Over time, foods and consumed drinks such as cigarettes, tea, and coffee lead to staining on the enamel. This dirt layer, starting with yellowish stains on the front teeth, progresses gradually. The ongoing process with tartar on the teeth which combine teeth with gingiva, causes periodontal problems over time. Gingival blotch, bad smelling breath, and gingival bleeding are the first important symptoms. Regardless of the tooth cleaning price, this dirt must be removed. You can find current figures in the section on dental cleaning prices for 2020

What is Teeth Cleaning?

As soon as the above-mentioned symptoms appear, it is necessary to perform the dental cleaning process as soon as possible. Tooth cleaning involves the cleaning of tooth enamel surfaces and bacterial plaque and gingiva in the tooth and gingiva. Even for people who regularly brush their teeth, tooth cleaning should be done at least once a year. Dental stones, tartar, which go to the root surface are responsible for the formation and progression of the periodontal disease.

How Much is a Teeth Cleaning Price?

TDA 2018 August Prices (Value-Added Taxes are not included)  +KDV%8
Tooth Polishing 250 TL
Tartar (Dental Stone) Cleaning 350 TL
Tartars Under Gingiva (Single Chin) 600 TL
Tartars Under Gingiva (Double Chin) 1200 TL
Tartar Cleaning Under Local Anesthesia 400 TL
Tooth Cleaning Price (Standart) 280 TL
Gingiva Esthetic 985 TL
Gingiva Color Depigmentation 1115 TL
Gingivektomi Single Segment 780 TL

Even if we share Istanbul’s average tooth cleaning price list with you, you can only be perfectly told about your tooth’s cleaning price in the clinic.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Diş Beyazlatma fiyatı

Let’s continue to give information about each confused concepts of whitening and tooth cleaning. We got information on tooth cleaning. Do our teeth become whiter when we have our teeth cleaned? The tooth cleaning process removes tartars and stains on the tooth. After teeth cleaning, teeth will look more clean and white, but the main color of the tooth does not change. With tooth whitening, smudges of food stains such as cigarettes, coffee, and tea, which are dirt on tooth will go away. A process called bleaching is performed to whiten tooth. This procedure can be done at home in one week or in one or two sessions in the dental clinic.

With tooth whitening, your tooth color gets a lighter color. This new tooth will be coloring your own teeth and you will be able to keep the new color according to your use. Excessive consumption of cigarettes, tea, and coffee will continue to cause dirt and discoloration in your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Price List

Diş taşı temizliği ile sağlıklı diş ve diş etleri


Tooth whitening price list generally differs from province to province. Clinical rent expenditures and salaries vary mainly because they show differences in livelihood standards. Tooth cleaning prices for Turkey is usually said to be based on a general statement of the Istanbul province where the majority of the population is. On the other hand, you also know that dental hygiene, in general, takes a different amount of time. Teeth cleaning price will, of course, differ that done to a person who hasn’t well cared his/ her teeth compared to the one who brushes their teeth regularly.

Teeth Whitening Prices Istanbul 2019

How much will tooth cleaning prices be in 2019? Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a definite figure to those who ask this question. Changes in exchange rates as well as livelihood standards indicate a difference between 2018 dental cleaning prices and 2019 dental cleaning prices.

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